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  • Registered Painters and Dulux Accredited
  • Full 10 Years warranty on Dulux products and up to 30 years on Bluescope products and a fully backed unconditional 10 year warranty on workmanship
  • We only use quality roof restoration products to ensure the best roof over your head!

Other Services

Other Services
  • Perth Guttering
    Perth Guttering

    Guttering repairs and replacement specialists in Perth, WA. 

    For guttering Perth residents trust to keep their roof edging dry, speak to Advanced Roof Restoration. We stock a large range of colours and profiles to suit your home. When the time comes for your gutters and down pipes to be replaced, we offer full replacement services to ensure you are not left with leaking or cracked gutters.

    Get high quality workmanship from dependable professionals who use only the finest products for gutter repairs and replacements. We recommend Colorbond® or Zincalume® steel gutters, down pipes and fascia, all of which come with a 12-year manufacturer’s warranty on materials. Standard policy at Advanced Roof Restoration is that all manufacturers’ warranties are backed by our 10-year unconditional warranty on workmanship, giving you total peace of mind.

    Weatherproof your property with regular gutter maintenance. If you have recently purchased a property that has ineffective guttering, Advanced Roofing will inspect and replace defective guttering with the correct profiles. Made from the finest quality materials, our gutters and downpipes are treated to withstand the harsh outdoor elements. Without them, your home will be vulnerable to rainwater and damp.

    The importance of gutters cannot be understated because they keep the property foundations safe from flooding, prevent soil erosion, and keep water-staining on walls to a minimum. These points are dependent on correctly installed gutters.

    You may be surprised to know that a vast majority of homes are susceptible to eventual water damage problems quite simply because the gutter systems have not been correctly installed. Specialists will advise you that gutters needs to be securely bolted to the fascia, the gutter spouts should cease at least three feet away from the foundation, and all gutters should be seamless and at a slight slope. If you see water gathering and standing in your gutter and leaves bunching up, then you know it has not been installed correctly, and the incorrect leaf guards were used.

    Chat to us about gutter repairs and leaf guards on your current guttering system. We will inspect your guard system and advise you on the best solution to ensure a leaves blockage doesn’t cause water damage to your home. There are certain guard systems that are not really designed for heavy-duty rain, and can cause more problems by damming up the water. Our highly qualified team will inspect your current system and advise on you on the best way forward. Remove, this is American and we don’t install our gutters like this or use gutter guard

    If your home requires gutter replacements or repairs that Perth clients recommend, call us on 9209 3980 or e-mail us at: sales@advancedroofs.com for an obligation-free quote.

  • Asbestos Removal Perth
    Asbestos Removal Perth

    Perth licensed roof asbestos removal specialists

    Advanced Roof Restoration offers safe asbestos removal in Perth. During the 50’s, 60′s and 70’s, roofs of many homes in Perth were constructed with asbestos sheeting and for many there is the risk that old asbestos roofs may release fibres into the roof cavities and surrounding environment.

    More and more home owners contact us for safe asbestos removals, and roof replacements with either Colorbond® or Zincalume® steel roof sheeting.

    We are licensed, HIA, MBA and Worksafe asbestos removal specialists who will dispose of and decontaminate the work site to ensure your property is asbestos free.

    Ensure your environment is safe for your family and your staff with our environmental air monitoring. We also offer vacuuming of the roof void and the disposal and replacement of contaminated ceiling insulation, where required and requested.

    The asbestos removal cost is determined by the amount that needs to be removed and discarded. You can also take the stress out of finding different roofing contractors because we can remove the asbestos and do re-roofing  or roof repairs at the same time. We have completed many jobs where clients requested re-roofing after the asbestos removal.

    The health implications of this particular material is too great, which is why our team uses protective clothing and respirators, which are mandatory. Do not attempt a DIY removal job, because asbestos is a hazardous material, which can lead to health issues, particularly for those with respiratory weaknesses. Advanced Roof Restoration is qualified and equipped to deal with this job for you.

    If you are thinking of purchasing a property, but are uncertain of the roof condition, contact us. Our team will meet you at the house and inspect the roof, and provide a free quote to remove the roof.

    For a guaranteed, professional, safe and environmentally friendly asbestos removal services, call us on 9209 3980 or e-mail us at sales@advancedroofs.com for an obligation-free quote from Perth’s asbestos removal specialists.

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